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The Animal Image provides full service professional grooming for dogs and cats.
There are several different options which allow for an all encompassing grooming experience.

Regular grooming: 
Included in the price of the grooming are nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, dry, clipping, scissoring
and dematting. Each breed is priced accordingly, so please inquire as to the cost.

Nail trimming only without a groom:
Price is $15, which includes ear cleaning.

Sometimes your pet will have a run in with a skunk, which can be difficult to eradicate the smell.
Thankfully, I use a product which does not just cover up the odor, it eliminates it.

Dry skin/lackluster coat:
After spending numerous hours doing research to find a natural product to help with both of these
issues, I finally found one which does a great job with bringing back the fur’s natural sheen and moisture.

Hot spots/rashes/irritations:
If your animal suffers from any of these, I can recommend a wonderful product which helps to soothe
and heal the affected areas.

Excessive shedding:
After your pet is completely groomed, I use a tool which removes much of the loose hair thereby reducing
the amount of fur you find in your home.

Flea and Tick Treatments:
Please visit my
Flea and Tick page for more information.

I would be more than happy to discuss any of the above categories with you.

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